Projects, I always have to many. But it's fun that way.

Some are more realistic then others and some are just ideas.


Ok so there is just one project at the moment. I'm working on I think.


I haven't quite got the hang of writing this yet. I'm not sure on how to format the stuff I posting, going to try all on the same page with date seperators for new aditions. Let me know how it is to read? @setithing


Laser projects

I have Black nose A3 lasee cutter from Just add sharks. It's fantastic have had so much fun with it already. Always wanting to do more with it.


Laser Strowger

Trying to make a version of the strowger switch from laser cut and other parts.


Icing sugar cutting

One of those things that I though I had to laser, because why not.


3D Printing

I started my 3D printing adventer with a RepRap Pursa i2 a cute little printer. After getting hoced my the 3D printing bug I upgraded a year later to a FlashForge Creator the best printer ever. Easy to use simple to work and fix. From there I have used many kilos of material. Including: ABS, PLA, Ninja Flex and ColorFabb XT.


Mouth Pieces

Playing around at printing mouth pieces and makeing an open scaleing system