Flex boxes

I first saw these on Martin Raynsford's blog for his useless boxes and they look fab. On thingiverse there was a parametric file to make then to what size you need. Great program apart from the part where it didn't work in cm and it's written in post script (very funny language). I cut a few of them out converting cm to inches before entering. But got frustrated and gave up (sounds so stupid now) I tried to fix it then but didn't understand it.


I recently tried to fix it again as some people wanted some boxes. So I had a little battle with post script, and won! I might go as far as saying I slightly get it.


Now I have but the scripts back on thingiverse so others can use it again. Turns out the the text it but at the bottom (that I never used) was causing the bug, caused some conversion problem. That's gone now and there is a new unit select thing that I think is easier to use. Also I'm doing some updates on it, adding some features (like opening holes).


I do want to add different types of boxes too like flat edged ones. Let me know if it could do with anything else. I want to keep keep this maintained for others to use too.


FlexBoxes on Thingiverse: